Purchasing a home is a step-by-step process that should begin with the selection of an Agent

who will guide you through the process.


First meeting with your Agent – Build your dream house!

Determine your needs and priorities.

Establish your search criteria and a plan of action.


Get Pre-Approved

Meet with a mortgage banker to obtain pre-qualification/approval.

Take the Grand Tour and look in every area in your price range.

Eliminate the areas that don’t work for you.

Re-evaluate your search criteria as you view different homes.

Keep looking until you find the perfect home.


Submit an Offer to Seller’s Agent

Discuss and clarify terms and conditions.

Negotiate offer including counter-offers.

Reach final agreement; a ratified contract.

Open escrow.


Contingency Period

Receive and review the preliminary title report from escrow.

Review Inspections and disclosures.

Request any needed repairs.

Work with a lender to complete paperwork.

Remove contingencies when the loan is approved and all inspections have been completed.

Receive escrow instructions and sign documents.

Secure loan funding and deposit balance of down payment into escrow.



Record deed of title.

Seller relocates; you take possession of the property.


Let’s stay in touch

Happy to help answer any questions as you settle into your new home and to be your resource for all your future real estate needs.